Those of you who have attended my classes for years know that Letting Go is a nagging theme. It’s a simple process that takes practice. It not only improves your ego-self but breaks down the blocks you build while thinking you must do it all.


Letting Go is just that………you create it, manifest it, think it, do the best you can do, and then……yep, Let Go. It clears the mind and brings in Trust. You conjure up a scenario, and if it doesn’t work out as planned, Let Go. Maybe it’s old, unpleasant, or just plain stomach churning, but you learned something. You grew from it, hopefully. Be open-minded enough to move on and see what’s around the bend. There’s always a reason for what just happened.


Whenever you unblock then you make room for creativity. Imagination. Creative energy. It’s Trusting and Freeing.

Whenever you block Letting Go, it’s exhausting and chaotic.


So, for the next 14 weeks I will teach The Artists Way by Julia Cameron and the Medicine Wheel together! Creating a clearing of pathways in order to emerge your Creativity! You’ll learn how to unblock and protect your space in a simple and straightforward manner. Once you remove the blocks, the flow comes in (Artist’s Way) and then you need to protect that space around you in order to achieve your own alignment without interference. (Medicine Wheel).

There will be basic tools in this class (Morning Pages, in order to get you beyond your censor. 3 pages every morning, non-negotiable). (Artist’s Date. Just you and your inner child, once a week). Plus, all along the way are teachings from the Medicine Wheel and all 8 Directions. It gives a clear understanding of Letting Go and playing in order to move forward with Love and Understanding. Now, THAT’S something we didn’t learn when we were young!


It’s a safe place for your inner child to return to your life and play.

Monday Night from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
At the home of Linda Beaty
3304 Lees Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90808


12, 19, 26


3, 10, 17, 24

(halfway point)

Suggest Purchasing: the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
And think about
Recording and/or bringing Writing Material

Enjoy the remainder of the summer
See you in class!