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Manifesting News: September 2014


The first day of Autumn is September 22, 2014 in Long Beach, CA. It occurs the moment the Sun crosses the Equator. It’s a time to regroup and rethink. Daylight changes places with Night. There’s adjustment to the light changing. Schedules need to be less chaotic.We have to create our own morning light.

We wake up every day and want to create balance and in order to do that we need light. It can be a job eliminating grumpy insight and learning to focus on what needs to be done. It also makes you very tired when you’re worrying about anything and everything.When you’re exhausted you make mistakes. Then you get grumpy. I call the grumpy people the light stealers.


Light management is a major part of creating a good day.  Any plant that doesn’t get light won’t flower.  Same with humans.

Be observant about the times you are spewing out negative vibes regarding something that really isn’t that dark.  A passing cloud, maybe.  Cut the drama!  Put some light on it.


Begin to focus on growing a more positive you. Sometimes you’re a flower and sometimes you’re a shadow of indecision. It depends on how much light you let into your space. Pay attention to your focus.


The best ideas grow closest to the heart and feeling tones, so get rid of the shade and put light into the anxiety.
It’s all about balance.  Some people are not comfortable with a lot of the sun’s energy of happiness. The shade is just fine with them. How does that shade apply to their dreams? It postpones them.


Balance is beautiful.  Remember: Don’t do too much of anything.  Create a positive flow.


Empty Classroom at The Windhorse
September 30, 2014


I am so thrilled with the students who have walked the road of expansion.  Learning to think for ourselves.  Learning to eliminate the pain.  Learning to trust.  All, making drastic changes in their lives!  All graduating with honors!

Next month I am thrilled to extend a calendar of upcoming workshops and retreats for everyone interested in their own personal learning curve.

Stay Tuned! 

LABOR DAY around 12:15 pm

This month brings me an introductory journey into the world of radio! 


Today, I will be interviewed by Rich Tola of LA Talk Radio regarding my world as a medium/psychic and spiritual teacher.

Join the energy of that time together with Rich by tuning into may be downloaded at any time.


There’s a whole new world out there!  I’m going for the gusto!

Join Me!

You Are My Sunshine~


Jeanie MacDonald