What a month we’ve had in September! Well, at least that’s the way it panned out for me. No major catastrophes but certainly a lot of drama and chaos. And now quiet. It takes a lot of trust, letting go, and waiting for the storm to subside whenever the waves of rhythm are high and dropping to low at astounding speeds.


I am currently teaching The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and one of the chapters is ridding ourselves of crazy makers in our lives. Look around! You’ve got them! It has been loud and clear that it’s time to create a space of support, respect and room to grow without bending down and constantly pulling up someone else’s weed in the desert.


Why do we allow those weeds to expand into our lives in the first place? Perhaps we were compelled to ride their ego in order to not share our world. Because Heaven knows it is rare for them to ask about OUR world! As long as it was all about them, we could keep our world safe. But in reality, we were just feeding the monster. They had no idea who you were or what you were thinking so you trained them to do what they do best -Talk about themselves. They are excellent teachers for us and we are so fortunate to have had them as a part of our lives (as long as we learned something).


We find whenever it’s time to step into our world and out of their world it becomes uncomfortable for them because they have to pretend to be interested in you, just like you’ve been pretending to be interested in them.


The relationship strayed at some point in time and instead of allowing the change, it stayed the same because it was easier. Big lesson learned regarding future relationships! Letting Go and Moving Forward for both parties.


Excuse me, I see another weed that needs plucked.



Monday Night from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

At the home of Linda Beaty
3304 Lees Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90808
October 3, 10, 17, 24

(halfway point)


October 3, Lesson 3 Summary: Anger, Shame, Dealing with Criticism, Growth
October 10, Lesson 4 Summary: Desperation, Buried Dreams, Changes
October 17, Lesson 5 Summary: Wish List, Necessary Withdrawal, Recovering Integrity
October 24, Lesson 6 Summary: Abundance; Money is God in action 

Our World, Our Future
Jeanie MacDonald