I’m shedding hair more than my cat. I have magnifying glasses all over the house. I no longer bounce down the twelve steep stairs. My knee and hip are weak and I’ve acquired a right sided limp. I definitely need an eye exam and new glasses. I’m much more opinionated and bothered by those who do nothing to change their lives and at the same time know it’s none of my business. I’m confused as to whether my life is getting simplier or more complicated. I’m gonna go with simplier. Wait, is that a word? It is now.

You may have a mountain full of irritants in your life but, really, it’s basically what you do with it all, and that comes out of your attitude. Do something or be quiet. I like the reality of “we’re all gonna die” and clean up the now from there. My Wish List is shorter because I’ve completed a lot of it and threw out the rest as not necessary. I envy the friends who wish to throw everything in their car and just live. I am not that kind of minimalist, but they do keep me focused on paring down the excess. It makes for better thinking.

I sit and stare at this pine tree outside my office window in the comfort of my own home. I retired when I was 40 years old and have learned more about my strengths and weaknesses because I had time to fail and fix it. My mistakes today are age based more than fear based. I focus more on slowing down and taking my time. I’m not afraid of getting it all done….today. There’s a huge difference.

What’s your excuse? Don’t wait to build your likes and loves. Just do it! There’s no time to think and analyze. When you start to shed the fears, accept the beauty of it and know it’s just blending into your true essence.

USE IT OR LOSE IT. There’s no time to think about those dreams…and do nothing.

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A little Shaman work………………………………….


June 5, 2017 (May wasn’t working for a lot of people)
Monday nights from 7 to 8:30 pm
At the home of Linda Beaty 3304 Lees Ave., Long Beach

It’s approximately a 9 month … every Monday night….class (just like child birth)
Lots of information about your patterns and how to change them.

First Round:   6 weeks *($100 Total ) (Studying the South)
Identity of Self

(if unable to make a class, there will be a personal catch-up before the next class and an additional fee of $20)

It’s a wealth of information about EVERYTHING you need in order to awaken your spirit and soul. Basically, how to understand why you do what you do and how to change what you want to change.

Letting Go of the old and understanding why you hold on to it.
It’s a commitment you make to yourself. (not for those who are just looky-loos)


Sunday, MAY 21, 2017
2:00 to 4:30


Leaving the Rational Mind and entering the reality of a Higher Power.
Learning how to become a Creative Channel
EVERYONE can do it!

I’ll talk about how to Maintain your Higher Focus while chaos surrounds you
Allowing your Intuition to become your Higher Force

There will be Meditations, Group Channeling, Channeling Exercises
It makes no difference who you are or what you know. We’re starting from scratch

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to extend this knowledge with you.
I am Blessed to be acknowledged by a group of Healers also extending their knowledge into the Universe. The name of the Group is The Illuminators. Thank you All.


I Love Me
Jeanie MacDonald