We are always where we need to be.


That’s difficult to comprehend whenever it’s not exactly the way you planned.  Meaning, goodness and light.  But hang in there.  There’s still goodness and light among those dark shadows.  Take it day by day.  Eventually you’ll understand what it’s all about.  The journey to get there is a little rough sometimes.  My grandma used to say, “every cloud has a silver lining.”  At the time, I had no idea the depth of that quote.  Now, it makes sense.


The best part about growing up is falling down and standing up again.  Both movements are good movements.  We find out who are true friends are and the endurance level that’s inside of us.  Who is there for you and what you’re made of!  How great is that!  Later, whenever we hear someone else announcing a downfall, we can determine the level of importance and combine that thought with our level of support.  Sometimes they figure it out on their own.  Sometimes it’s a matter of asking for help!  No matter how old we are we still want to do it without anyone helping us!  What?  How’s that working for you?


Don’t resist the love offered your way.  It helps make us stronger.  And when you’re stronger, you get better, faster.  We still make mistakes when we’re older, but the recovery time is a lot faster and better if our minds remain calm.  The lessons may, however, take us longer because we think we know it all.  It’s easier to blame someone else.  It makes us feel better……for about 5 minutes.

When we were younger we allowed ourselves to scream, cry, stomp and blame.  Now, we just watch.  “I wonder what this is all about?”  We just watch and wait for a resolution.  Some type of understanding.  That may take awhile, but you’ll eventually get it.  Patience grasshopper.


I highly suggest you (1) try and stay out of the way, or (2) figure out what you need to do in order to fix it.  Simple.


Enjoy your Thanksgiving and be ever so grateful for what’s ahead.  Happiness is just around the corner.  Those speed bumps will fix themselves, in one form or another…..and everything can be fixed!  (another grandma saying)




New classes will begin in January, 2016
(December is travel time for me)


That’s right…………for the first time EVER, I’m focusing on the present students and closing the door to outsiders in November.  We have some deep inside work to do and I feel it requires a safe place without backtracking.  So, we’re moving forward and digging deep.

Thank you for understanding.

Gobble gobble and Namaste
Jeanie MacDonald