Aging well isn’t about the search for happiness, but more about quietly feeling content with what you’ve already experienced and growing into that bliss. I agree that there is a lot more to come but I’m through trying to fix everybody. It’s more of…what can I do to help? Then the fix themselves. Not always easy to let go of whenever we were taught to fix everybody. Practice makes perfect.


Leave something behind for people to talk about that’s beautiful and funny and meaningful and shocking. I call it “porch talk” for later years when they’ve taken away your driver’s license. It reminds you of the good, bad and ugly, which is better than doing nothing for yourself and playing it safe. Then there are no porch stories.

Why this subject? Because this month is my 70th birthday year and rather than make myself invisible, I choose to celebrate with a lot of noise with a lot of people. Those that become upset with the noise will most likely not be there or want to become invisible around me!


I’ve come to the conclusion that the more authentic of a life I lead, I become more and more aware of my own personal truth. At 70, I’ve learned to surrender and enjoy. It speeds up clarity. My beach party this month will honor a 6 foot blow-up swan symbolizing more spiritual transition than death. It will pull my chariot across the night sky. It’s such a joyous way for me to use my imagination. I like living on the edge of thought. It puts a smile on my face.

So, rethink your age! No matter what age you are at this very moment. Don’t be afraid to begin enjoying your life right now and become your authentic self. You’ll be way ahead of the game by the time you’re 70, or 80, or 90. Have no boundaries with thought. Sometimes you don’t need to say it out loud, but at least think it and know it. Process it when you’re ready and then make a choice as to where to put it. Maybe a communication issue with someone. Maybe a knowing that it only belongs to you. But don’t be afraid to think your own thoughts.


Wanting the higher experiences will bring you the higher experience. We each create our own reality according to what we need to learn. I’ve been down more than once and made it back up. I’ve made wrong choices and survived. I’ve put others first and myself second. I’ve blamed everyone for things that I didn’t understand. I’ve hated. I’ve loved too much.

And here I am! Creating a wealth of learning from all of the above. Marching forward because of all of the above. Forgiving all of the above. Loving with a passion, everything and everyone. My enemies became my teachers. My choices became my growth. My self-love became my one-ness with All.

So, March On! And make it genuine!


I’ll meet you on the porch.
Jeanie MacDonald