Valentine’s Day! Reminding people that we LOVE them. Because sometimes we forget. Heck, sometimes we even forget to love ourselves! I’m going to, first, buy something for myself. I love chocolate. Yep, that’s first in order. Secondly, I’m sending messages to those I love. Wait, I love everyone! So, on that day, I’ll just contact anyone who pops into my head. Divine messages and meaningful thoughts spreading around the country from my heart and mind! Lovely.

What kind of love are you spreading around in February? Are you paying attention to the magic? Because there’s always magic.

Don’t be sad because you’re all alone or because no one contacted you on Valentine’s Day. Make it happen. Put on your lipstick and love who you are! Smile at people and give them hugs. We all need it, whether we have a Valentine or not! It makes you give and that feels good, to give.

I, for one, loved Valentine’s Day when I was young and in school. We decorated a box with a mail slot on top for students in our class to insert their Valentine. It was then placed on our desk in anticipation of abundance on the following day.

I loved filling out my Valentines the night before, waiting for morning’s light. Walking into the classroom and dropping a Valentine into each and every classmate’s decorated box. At the end of the day we gathered up the filled boxes and poured ourselves onto the bus with the sound of Valentines swishing back and forth with every turn.

I always had a pretend boyfriend and could not wait to sort through the bunches of Valentines whenever I arrived home. With wiggles and giggles, I would finally pull “his” Valentine! It did not matter how simple or crazy it was because it was always my favorite one. I loved him!

I still look for that special heart swelling feeling on that special day. Pretend or real love. It doesn’t matter. Sometime I get it and sometimes I don’t. The door, however, is always open. It’s never closed.

It’s really pretty simple. Just LOVE. Yourself. Others. Think about something loving that made you happy and know you have 24 hours to recreate it. Call somebody. Visit somebody. Connect with something or someone that’s positive.

Get your car detailed. Make some cupcakes with frosting and pink sprinkles and then pass them around to strangers and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Give your husband/boyfriend an IOU and tell him/her you’ll watch a football game with him/her and even make the snacks. Or workout with them. Get sweaty. Or, get out of your sweats and look really nice and smelling good. Be a little more touchy feeley. Only say good things for one day and make everyone happy! You get the point.

It’s about feeling good and giving love. Try it for one day! Maybe it will stick, that Love thing.

YOU ARE LOVED. Don’t think you’re not!