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Manifesting News: August 2014


This is the month I was born.  68 years is a lot of memories with more to come.

I truly love settling into a life of choices. My choices. I notice there is more gratitude and blessings and love and peace in my life.I like being alone and I love being with other people. I am grateful for the small things and the big things. I am not afraid to speak my mind.


When my mother went into labor in Pennsylvania in 1946, the drive to the hospital was 1 hr. away and upon her arrival the doctor hadn’t arrived. So, the nurses held her legs together until he approached the scene.


My mom said she woke up was floating in air and saw herself laying on the table below.  She had died.  Then, she saw an angel and when she awakened, I was born.  Both brought back to life.

What’s the story of your birth?All births are miracles. We are here to accomplish whatever it is that we came here to accomplish.To have fun.To be happy. To grow.To love. To trust. To let go and listen. To find ourselves.


I will give the following year my best effort to bring whatever it is that I need to learn into my space.

thank you

Thank you mom for the gift of a new beginning.

And speaking of new beginnings………………

LIFE CYCLE CLASSES will be taking a one year break around the month of October until the end of  2015 in preparation for New Beginnings.

Advanced technology in order to expand the information.

Hiring aides to assist me with phones and organization with regard to Readings

Onward and Upward!

In the meantime, please feel free to join us on Monday nights at 7:00 pm. The door is always open.

3145 Broadway
Long Beach, CA  90803

Blessings and nothing but Gratefulness to All of you who have made this Path a beautiful spiritual experience.


New Beginnings All Around


Birthday Party 2013
Jeanie MacDonald