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Manifesting News: October 2014


I was awakened at 3:00 a.m. to the smell of a skunk that was so powerful it was difficult to breathe. I closed my bedroom doors and turned on the overhead fan in order to move the smell away from my face!


That skunk chose to walk on this Earth as a hands-off-me beautiful creature! Whenever we humans come across this black and white vision, we immediately go into damage-control mode and run for the hills. Stay-Away-From-Me!


Well, I know people who are also very black and white about the way they think. Very skunk-like with regard to don’t-touch-me or I’ll make you regret it. They walk into a room and there is an immediate change in the atmosphere.

There are many creative ways to defend ourselves in our daily lives.If you’ve worked hard to become your authentic self, you too will not allow anyone to cross over that invisible line and mess-with-your-stuff.


Respect and Love.
Animal, Mineral, Plant, Moon, Stars, Humans.
They all have a Shadow side.
Turn on the light and blow the Shadow away.
Allow them to be their authentic self (no matter what) and stay away if you don’t like it. Don’t attach!

Heed the warning


OCTOBER belongs to ME!

I’m taking a break from classes and will continue to focus on readings only.

But NOVEMBER will be a lot of announcements regarding new Workshops and price changes and new addresses for teaching.  I’m so excited


But for now………my life is Black and White…….do what I want, when I want, if I want. 


Thank you for allowing me to create and release.  Everybody needs a break.

Jeanie MacDonald