The aim of living is to develop your ability to accurately assess a situation and make the right decision for that moment. Some days, sleeping in would be wise, and your well-rested mind and body will be better for it the next day. Some days, forcing yourself to wake up and move will be an act of difficulty, so you remain in bed. Your choice.


Sometimes we just won’t shut off the brain chatter. It’s so annoying. Stop! It’s such a waste of time and so nerve wracking because we know there’s nothing we can do about the situation. It already happened. It’s either “how to I fix it?” or “how do I release it?”


Remember, there IS something you can do about it! Trust that whatever the circumstance, it was supposed to happen. Why? So you to slow down. Shut down. Let go. Allow. Pray. Scream. You dial up the emotion to match the situation. It’s a test.


Pass with a 4.0 Grade Average…….wait, we’re adults and our grade average really no longer pertains to us because we won’t stand for an “average”. All the life lessons we’ve learned since high school graduation is an advancement in Life Lessons101. We’ve come such a long way! Breath and Let Go. It’s turning out the right way. Sometimes it just feels crappy. But, Trust.




Manifesting Anything
Monday, June 20, 2016
Summer Solstice

 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

My House
629 Temple Ave.
Long Beach

We’re learning to manifest anything ANYTHING imaginable!
While celebrating and acknowledging the beginning of Summer
Both subjects being of the utmost importance


Enjoy 30 Days in June…..one step at a time
School’s Out and Dad’s Rule
Jeanie MacDonald