Wow, minds are spinning!
crazyMust be something in the air. Or not enough air.

I’ve noticed people Creating a bunch of worthless lies concerning their future when they don’t even know what the next hour will hold for them.


Creating Crazy
Acting Crazy
Attracting Crazy

Then wondering why the Magic (fill in the blank) doesn’t show up at your door.

Those fears enter your mind and body and we forget to breathe
And we lose our Trust
We hate our life.
We’re stupid, ugly, worthless, unloved, irresponsible, not enough, etc. etc. etc.
Those crazy thoughts start the noise of a rattler on a rattlesnake in our head. It’s very fearful and will poison you and that dream/magic will die right here, right now.


How do you stop the lies of what’s going to happen to you? The train is speeding down the track at such a fast pace there’s no turning back!


Take 3 long Deep Breaths.


Stillness...  Quiet
3 more if necessary.
Okay, as many as you need to be still and quiet. Make it happen.

Notice how that rattling has become quiet. Gone to sleep. Peaceful. That’s the marbles rattling around in your head. You stop shaking it back and forth and you’re sitting still. Still. Quiet.

Now, Let Go and know that the good, bad, and ugly will be taken care of without you. The message will come later.

Trust. Breathe. Trust. Breathe. Trust. Breathe.


I thought I would make it happen, but readings have been keeping me very busy (not complaining). So, if a window of opportunity arises, I’ll send you an email and post it here.

In the meantime, manifest something great!

My intention is to get back on the teaching track soon
Thanks for your patience. (see, I’ve trained myself to stop and “don’t push the river”)

Jeanie MacDonald