An important theme in my space at the moment is watching people spin.


Whatever noise is showing up in your head, practice letting go.  When you’re in the moment the brain chatter seems very big.  The reason you’re screaming STOP when this “can’t do anything about it” stuff enters your space is because it doesn’t really fit into your moment.


It’s a great way to let it go and practice saying NO.  To yourself and everybody else who needs fixing.  Whenever you focus on other people’s issues you’re only smothering opportunities and possibilities that make you feel better.  You’re ignoring your own life.  Capture the present moment by thinking about yourself and trust there is a divine order.  All you have to do is lose control and stop focusing on the sneaky sparkly issues that belong to someone else.  Give it to them.  See how they fix their own problems.  In the meantime, find a new song, call a friend who makes you laugh, take a selfie of yourself smiling….anything but spinning into someone else’s web!


We’re on this Earth to constantly make decisions.  The space for bigger and better is endless.  Do you sign on the dotted line or decline and wait until it feels better for you?  “It’s not time.”  “I’m not ready.”  Spin spin spin.

All you have to do is take a deep breath and you’ll FEEL your answer.  No need to spin.  Breathe and Let Go.  Then, TRUST.  Stay with what’s in front of you.  Accept your life as perfect just the way it is and breathe.  Again, stay with what’s in front of you.  You’ll feel a nudge and the conflicting feeling will either say STOP or GO.

Trust that voice.  And on the other side of letting go, feel free.

The only person
that can hold me
back is me
and I'm letting go

Mother, May I?